How I’m Saving Today

how i'm saving today, Uncategorized / Friday, January 13th, 2012

Well, this week has been crazy. On the plus side, I bought plane tickets to my sister’s bachelorette party in Florida with the cash I had been saving up. Yay! It’s a great feeling to have saved for a goal and met it!

Also, my husband got accepted to Louisiana State University! Geaux Tigers! We are super excited but because they just now got back to him (like a month later than we had expected) and because classes start next week (eek!) we have been crazy busy with financial aid, admissions paperwork, etc. We even had to fly him down to Baton Rouge so he could attend mandatory orientation tomorrow. Phew! But boy am I glad that we had been saving and had the money to pay for the tickets without putting them on the credit card 🙂

This is all exciting but it means that we will be living in two different states for a while 🙁 which sucks but he gets to pursue his dreams and his education which is great. So its bittersweet. Also, because we will have two households we will have to tighten our belts even further. I sure hope financial aid comes through! Geez school is expensive!