Frugal Fashion: There, I Fixed It

frugal fashion, Uncategorized / Thursday, February 16th, 2012

You all know how much I’m trying to save money, but I also love looking my best. So frugal fashion is definitely right up my alley.

I read tons of fashion blogs, especially frugal ones, and last October one of my favorite bloggers Penny Pincher Fashion posted a look that included this awesome looking bag.

So chic, and only $30.99 from VJStyle. I had never heard of the company before but I loved the look and put the link on my Christmas wish list. My awesome sister bought the bag for me and it shipped directly from China (where VJStyle is located).

Oh, I was so excited to get the bag! And boy was I disappointed when it began to literally fall apart after three weeks.

And it kept ripping. I am not a dainty lady who carries a purse for show. I carry STUFF (and lots of it) in my purse. Yeah, my purse is heavy but I’m not toting around bricks. Purses are made to carry STUFF (and lots of it) so I was appalled at this purse’s determination to detach its handle from itself just from normal wear.

Damage control:

I contacted the company and reported this issue. Perhaps this is just a factory reject. The company responded quickly and said they would send me a new purse. Hopefully the new one will last. But what do I do in the meantime? Damage control.

Enter, Solution #1: Clear plastic mailing tape to contain the rips (which had appeared by week four on the other handle as well). I taped the handle so that the tape bore the weight of the purse, not the strap. This has contained the ripping for the most part.

There, I fixed it. But, alas, my chic bag is no longer chic.

Solution #2: Beautiful silk scarf (also Chinese)

My father had picked up this beautiful silk scarf for me while on a business trip to China a few years ago. It seemed to be the perfect accessory to return my purse to its former chic-ness. Luckily, the rips and tape are on the right side of the handles and are primarily concealed under my arm when I carry the purse. The scarf is a great accessory that covers up the tape and tides me over until the replacement comes. No need to shell out cash for a replacement interim purse! Ta da!

What do you think? Frugal fashion or crazy cheapskate?

Just a note:
Kimberly from PPF has great taste and made the right choice in choosing the bag based on look, but didn’t know that the company’s products were not up to snuff. To be fair, she told me that she knew other bloggers that had bought items from VJStyle and had good experiences. I’m currently awaiting a replacement bag from VJStyle and they have also assured me that their products are normally made to a higher standard. So I’ll keep you updated on what happens. If it doesn’t work out, I’m gonna get a refund and get a slamming new bag on Hautelook.

Oh, and yes, I did take those pictures on the bus. Hi DC metrobus!