Sneakpeeq Daily Deals

daily deals, Uncategorized / Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

I love daily deals sites. They are great for browsing and getting gift ideas, and they offer such deep discounts that I can often buy an item that I would otherwise not be able to afford.

One of my new favorite daily deal sites is Sneakpeeq. They offer deals in three categories: Living, Style, and Taste. They offer home goods, fashion items, and tasty treats at up to 70% off plus you can discover new great brands that you didn’t know existed. The basic premise: You see an item that you like, and you click a “Peeq” button to flip the price tag around. Sneakpeeq also offers a new badge and point system when you peeq! If you keep peeq-ing, you can even find cash discounts to spend at the site.

And right now Sneakpeeq is celebrating NEW MEMBERS with a FREE chic silk scarf to brighten your wardrobe—FREE SILK SCARF and FREE SHIPPING! YAY! You all know how excited I get about free stuff!

Too bad I’m already a member and I can’t get the scarf 🙁 But you should snag it! Signing up is free so jump on it!