Making Moving (Almost) Fun with You Move Me

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Moving sucks. It’s pretty much a given, along with death, taxes, and always hitting a lot of red lights when you are running late. But it’s a necessity. Sometimes you change cities, states, countries, or just move to a cool new apartment across town. I am all for frugal moving and that usually includes renting a truck, buying pizza for friends, and hauling all my possessions across town in a box truck. Then unpacking and hauling it into the new place. Makes for a fun afternoon huh?

But what about an alternative option that’s still inexpensive and saves your sanity, and your back? (Remember, lift with your knees) What if you live in a college town, like me, where Saturday college football games take over and all your friends are at the game or glued to their television sets, leaving you shorthanded and trying to move your couch all by yourself?

That’s where You Move Me comes in. You Move Me is a moving company that does more than move boxes, they move you. Created by the same people behind 1-800-Got-Junk?, You Move Me offers professional moving service, friendly people, upfront pricing, and their website even says they will bring you coffee. Oh yes, now you’ve got my attention.

There is a nifty online quote calculator on the You Move Me website that can give you an estimate for your move, or if you prefer talking to someone you can call them up. Their prices are reasonable, upfront, and don’t change depending on the day of the week. You get professional movers employed and trained by You Move Me, a block of their time and attention, and a smooth transition from one home to another. Plus, you don’t have to get all sweaty from carrying all those boxes. The average two bedroom, second floor walk-up apartment moving across town in Boston will cost you $668- $793. In San Francisco it will run you $558-$1218. I assume the price difference is because of all those hills.

And another cool thing? You Move Me has this nifty little box calculator widget (see below) so you can get the right number of boxes to carefully pack all of your stuff. They sell boxes (with heart shaped closures I might add) and if you can’t deal with packing they can do that for you too.

You Move Me is available in a bunch of cities coast to coast, and even in Canada. They only offer in-town moves, so if you are lucky enough to live in one of their service areas, like Boston, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, or my hometown Washington, DC, then check them out!

This post is brought to you by You Move Me. All opinions are my own.

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