Guest Post: 7 Smart Ways To Save On Clothes

fashion, frugal fashion, style / Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

Today we have a guest post from Lisa Griffin, a blogger and freelance writer whose lifestyle credo is “A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.” Enjoy!


It is evident that clothes become outdated and worn out and this is the reason you find that one of the biggest expenses consuming nearly the entire income of many people is clothing. We are forced to invest in our wardrobes not only monthly but also daily to keep up with ever-changing fashion. Special occasions also demand that we adjust our clothing, not forgetting the change in size from a gain or loss of weight. All these reduce an already limited budget. There are various tips and tricks on saving money, but in our discussion let’s discuss 7 smart ways to save money on clothes.

1. Buy Fitting and Matching Clothes

Extra-large clothes end up becoming crappy, requiring replacement, but fitting clothes look good on you, and therefore you maintain them in your wardrobe. They retain the right look that you always desire and cater to special occasions and events. In some events, you may be required to have a trouser or a skirt that matches your shirt or top. This may require you to go back to the shop but if you have been maintaining matching skirt/trouser to top/shirt, this will save your cash. Focus on the essentials or situations that go in line with important activities in your life, including your job, to come up with a work-friendly wardrobe.
2. Buy at the Lowest Price

One of the smartest ways of saving your limited budget is by buying the clothes when they are sold at a low price. In most cases, during sales events clothes are sold at reduced prices as compared to regular days. Avoid buying at peak seasons or when nearing special events/days such as Christmas. Remember, regardless of the season, not all clothes change in price, and therefore you must do your analysis. Make comparisons before buying.

Buying at low prices also comes alongside with buying the clothes at the right time. With the right timing, you may save thousands when it comes to your clothing expenses. Certain months are best for reduced clothes prices. For example on August and January, clothes for kids are always cheap since these two months are mostly out of season. Market days where there are many sellers are appropriate especially in building your bargaining power.


3. Purchase Quality Clothes

Cheap is expensive. Even in clothing, cheap is also expensive. Quality, on the other hand, goes with the price of the clothes. It is evident the higher the price with perfect maintenance, the lesser the repair and the longer it will last. You need clothes that will serve you a couple of months or years before you get rid of them for new ones. Go for decent clothes instead of “fast food” clothes that last for days.


4. Avoid Washing Clothes Too Often

Staying clean does not mean washing your clothes daily. Some clothes only require airing instead of regular washing. Avoiding dirt and oily substances especially when wearing sturdier clothes such as sweaters and jeans can keep your clothes clean, free from smells, and presentable for subsequent wearings. This reduces washing which in return minimize wear. Reduced wear and tear means that you will not be replacing your clothes often.


5. Embrace Tailor/Secondhand Clothes

The ideal activity while making clothes purchases is finding clothes that fit your body perfectly. However, this does not mean that the extra-large clothes cannot be of any use to you. Tailors are there to meet your demands regarding a change in size or repair. You can purchase ill-fitting clothes cheaply instead of buying expensive well- fitting clothes and go ahead to tailor it to suit your body as needed. You may find that it looks even better when compared to that which is offered by the shops. Regarding shoes, you can also get second-hand shoes that are cheaper compared to the new ones. Check cheaply priced used clothes for sale online. (Editor’s note: I love and ThredUp for used clothes online!)


6. Make a Wise Decision on Whether to Buy or Not
At times you may find appealing clothes in a store that may tempt you to buy even if you don’t need them at that moment. If you want to save your money, before buying you have to consider whether the piece will satisfy your clothing needs over the long term. Determine whether it matches other clothing in your wardrobe. If an item does not meet these standards, do not buy it. Only purchase those essential clothes to be worn on a daily basis.


7. Selling Used Clothes

After some time, you may replace the existing clothes for new one. This does not mean that you cannot sell the old clothes for few penny instead of burning or disposing of them in a dustbin. You can sell the used clothes at the local marketplaces or online. Regarding where to sell used clothes online, there are portals and search engines that can help you with this. EBay is the best platform for that. You can also sell to your friends via Facebook or any other social media.

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